1 3/4″ Vinyl Ball Ornament For Colonial Flagpoles


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Our Vinyl Ball Ornaments are available for each size of our Colonial Flagpoles. The topper for the 12r’ and 18r’ Colonial Flagpole measures 3 frac14;rdquo; in height with a diameter of 2 frac12;rdquo;. The vinyl ball for the larger, 22r’ Colonial Flagpole measures 4 frac14;rdquo; in height with a diameter of 3 frac12;rdquo;. Each size of the Colonial Flagpoles has a different pole diameter, therefore the 12r’ Colonial Flagpole will require the ornament that fits the pole diameter of 1 3/8rdquo;, while the 18r’ and 22r’ Colonial Flagpoles will require the ornament for pole diameters of 1 5/8rdquo; and 1 frac34;rdquo;, respectively. Lightweight yet weather resistant, these economical flagpole toppers will last for many flag-flying seasons.Along with the ornament toppers for your Colonial Flagpole, we at Carrot-Top Industries pride ourselves in being able to offer you American-made outdoor United States flags, which can attractively complete your Colonial Flagpole display. Our exclusive Beaconreg; Nylon and Patriarchreg; Polyester are best for long-term, outdoor use. Also available are the Historical American Flags of our great nation. Historic flags are ideal for those wanting to display the United States Flag that was adopted at the time of their states date of admission into the union. For additional flagpole accessories for any flagpoles offered through Carrot-Top, browse our Outdoor Flagpole Accessories. For more information about Colonial Flagpole accessories, please contact a knowledgeable member of our Customer Service Team by calling (800)628-3524.