10″ Diameter Flagpole Retainer Ring


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Retainer rings are an essential accessory for internal halyard flagpoles and flag displays. Retainer rings keep your flags anchored to the flagpole preventing excess movement that would damage the flag. The retainer ring also protects the flagpole from pits and scratches with its plastic beads that roll over the surface of the pole when moving.Retainer rings come in five sizes, the 5rdquo; retainer ring is recommended with flagpoles that have a diameter of 5rdquo;, the 6rdquo; ring for flagpoles with a diameter measuring 6rdquo;,nbsp;the 7rdquo; ring for flagpoles with a diameter measuring 7rdquo;, the 8rdquo; ring for flagpoles with a diameter measuring 8rdquo;nbsp;and the 10rdquo; for flagpoles measuring 10rdquo;.Retainer rings are the bottom part of our internal halyard flag attachment which includes a flag arrangement, counterweight and these retainer rings. All of these components connect to each other to form an easy way to attach your flag to an internal halyard flagpole and have your flag flying proudly. For more information about our retainer ring speak to one of our experts by calling (800)628-3524.