10′ X 15′ Patriarch® Polyester American Flag


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Why buy a 10r’ x 15r’ polyester American flag?High Quality Finish ndash; Designed for high winds and coastal conditionsLarger flags take more of a beating than smaller ones. Our 10r’ x 15r’ Patriarchreg; polyester US flags are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions unlike our lighter Beaconreg; nylon flags. The fly end of the flag is secured with 6 rows of stitching, at 10 stitches per inch, to prevent the flag from fraying. The hoist end features hem corner pieces to prevent the flag from tearing when connected to a flagpole. The flags feature a rope header with galvanized thimbles on the top and bottom and a center grommetnbsp;for secure attachment to the flagpole.High quality Patriarchreg; polyester material ndash; 2-ply polyesterThe Patriarchreg; polyester fabric is unique to Carrot-Top industries and is backed by our experience spanning more than three decades. It is made of 2-ply polyester, widely regarded as the strongest flag fabric in the industry. The fabric is dyed using fade-resistant inks adding to the longevity of the flag. Our faith in the Patriarchreg; polyester fabric is so great that we offer a 6 month guarantee on all Patriarchreg; flags. The guarantee covers tears, fading colors and flag defects. Flags also have high quality embroidered stars with reinforced back-stitching for a regal look.Ideal way to attract attention and spur patriotismOur 10r’ x 15r’ polyester American flags are a great way to stand out in a crowd of businesses. These flags can be displayed at road side businesses and you can rest assured that they will draw some attention. They are also a great way to spur the American spirit. These flags are often bought by cities, towns, school districts and many different military institutions to celebrate America and invoke a sense of patriotism.*When flying 2 flags together on a 50r’ flagpole we recommend using an 8r’ x 12r’ American flag at the top with a flag measuring 6′ x 10r’ flying below to accompany it.nbsp;Carrot-Top Industries is your one stop shop for everything flag related. Browse through our flagpole options and pick out a flagpole to fly one of these 10r’ x 15r’ polyester American flags with rope headers. Complete your display with our outdoor flagpole accessories for added effect. Call us on (800)628-3524 for more information.nbsp;