10′ X 19′ Patriarch® Polyester American Flag


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Why buy 10r’ x 19r’ polyester American flag?Official, government specified sized 10′ x19′ polyester U.S Flag ndash; USMC Post FlagThese 10r’ x 19r’ polyester flags are made according to government specifications and are authorized for use in any military or government institution. The 10r’ x 19r’ American flag is also used as the post flag by the U.S Marine Corps. The Marine Corps post flag is usually displayed in pleasant weather conditions. It is switched out during special days and holidays.Durable 2-ply polyester flag ndash; Designed for extreme weatherThe 10′ x 19′ Patriarchreg; polyester American flags feature Carrot-Topr’s exclusive fabric. These flags are built to take punishment, 2-ply polyester is widely regarded as the strongest flag fabric in the industry. They are heavier than our Beaconreg; nylon flags. In addition to that our Patriarchreg; polyester fabric is designed to resist the harmful effects of direct sunlight and prevent fading colors. We offer a 6 month guarantee on all of our Patriarchreg; flags. The guarantee covers defects, tears and fading colors.High quality finish ndash; Increased lifetime and quality guaranteedThe flag’s header is finished with sturdy nylon rope reinforced with a galvanized metal thimble at the top and bottom and a center brass grommet. The rope headers allow for easy attachment to any outdoor flagpole. The flags also have 6 rows of stitching (10 stitches/inch) at the fly end to ensure that no premature fraying occurs. To further increase their lifetime, the 10′ x 19′ U.S. flags are uniquely sized and allow you re-hem the fly end if fraying occurs outside of the initial six months of use.nbsp;*When flying two flags on 55r’ flagpoles we recommend you choose a 10′ x 15r’ U.S. flag and an 8′ x 12′ for the second flag.Browse through our collection of residential and commercial flagpoles and our outdoor flagpole accessories to complete your flag display. To learn more about our products contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524.