11 X 14” Display Case/ Shadow Box


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These wooden Shadow boxes are a beautiful way to display your honors and achievements. Whether its medals, ribbons, badges or other awards, these cases create a sharp look and display various honors with class. nbsp;The display shadow boxes make great gifts for military retirees, display cases for jerseys or even display boxes for coins.nbsp; These wooden shadow boxes are designed for indoor use and may be mounted on your wall, set on your mantle, or displayed on a shelf with a larger arrangement.nbsp; Carrot-Top showcases an impressive collection of flags, patriotic products and custom items perfect for your business or organization.nbsp; Look through our military and memorial collection for great gift selections as well as items that will display your patriotism and pride. Our American flags are the finest in the industry and include our Beaconreg; Nylon American flag and our Patriarchreg; Polyester American flag.nbsp; For more information about our products and services simply call our customer service experts at (800) 628-3524.nbsp;