1st Cavalry Division Flag


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The 1st Cavalry division flag feature the divisionr’s insignia, a yellow and black triangular shield. The color yellow was the divisionr’s original color and still persists as part of the official insignia. The horser’s head is symbolic of the Cavalryr’s original make up. The color black represents iron for the transition that the Cavalry made to tanks and armor. The diagonal stripe represents a sword for military honor and symbolizes movement ldquo;up the fieldrdquo; and signifying attack. The insignia was originally approved as a shoulder sleeve insignia for the 1st Cavalry division in January 1921.nbsp;Our 1st Cavalry Division flag is made for use with outdoor flagpoles and features a canvas header and grommets. The grommets allow for a snap hook to be used to attach a flag to halyard rope. Grommets also allow for easy installation and removal of a flag. The flag is stitched on all four sides to prevent fraying. For more information about our 1st Cavalry Division flag or any other products contact one of our in-house experts on (800)628-3524.nbsp;All information about the insignia above was sourced from the information provided by the Institute of Heraldry about the 1st Cavalry Division insignia.