2.5’ X 4’ Beacon® Nylon American Flag


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Why buy a 2.5’ x 4’ Beacon® Nylon American Flag?Superior Quality 200 Denier Nylon- Built for Areas with Light to Moderate Wind SpeedsOur 2.5’ x 4’ Nylon US Flags are made with super strong, woven fabric that’s tough yet lightweight so the flag waves beautifully in the slightest breeze and dries quicker than most flags after rain or wet weather. Carrot-Top Beacon® American flags are impeccably tailored and designed to last. For more information regarding Carrot-Top’s 6 month Guarantee, please visit our FAQ’s page.Wide Variety of Uses and Display StylesThe 2.5’ x 4’ Outdoor US flag is one of our most versatile flags to display. Frequently installed on outrigger poles such as our 5’ wood pole or 6’ spinning pole, this 2.5′ x 4’ American flag is also the recommended flag size to fly on a 50’ to 60′ power boat or a 45’ to 60’ sail boat. Although not an actual government specified size flag (2’4 7/16” x 4’6”), the 2.5’ x 4’ American flag is extremely close and often used in its place. This US flag size may also be used as a replacement for 3’ x 5’ American flags. These flags may be flown horizontally at homes and other residential areas. This popular flag size is ideal for display on vehicles such as motorcycles, slow moving parade traffic, official’s cars and fire and police vehicles.When it’s time to replace your American flag, remember to check your flagpole rope and snaphooks for damage or fraying. Meet flag code requirements by easily illuminating your 24/7 flag display. Browse our new flagpole lighting options which showcase our new solar and wired technology!Carrot-Top offers a wide range of sizes available in our exclusive Beacon® material. We offer over 35 years of knowledge and experience working with customers to create the perfect patriotic display for your location. Contact Carrot-Top’s Customer Care Center at (800) 628-3524 for more details.