2′ X 3′ First Navy Jack Flag


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First Navy Jack Flags are the current U.S. jack authorized by the United States Navy.nbsp; These flags are noted as the first U.S. navy jack flown in the earliest days of the republic.nbsp; These flags feature red and white stripes and depict an uncoiled rattlesnake, a symbol of colonial resistance, and the motto ldquo;Donr’t Tread on Merdquo;.Our First Navy Jack Nylon flags measure 3r’x5r’ or 2r’x3r’.nbsp; The flags are fashioned with strong woven nylon built for long term use in moderate climates with mild winds. This Navy Flag looks great everywhere and is used by the US Navy and by others as an unsanctioned sign of protest as commemorations.nbsp; These flags were displayed on a makeshift memorial on Boylston Street following the Boston Marathon bombings.nbsp; Carrot-Top is a proud supplier of the highest quality flags including American flagsnbsp; in all sizes, styles and fabrics. Our Beaconreg; Nylon American flag and Patriarchreg; Polyester American flag are two of the finest flags available. For more information about our First Navy Jack flags call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our experienced customer service experts.