2′ X 3′ Nylon Outdoor Marine Corps Flag


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The outdoor Marine Corps flags feature the official insignia of the Marine Corps, the words ldquo;UNITED STATES MARINE CORPSrdquo; printed on a scroll in red on a white background and its official scarlet background. These outdoor flags come finished with a strong canvas header and brass grommets for attachment. The outdoor Marine Corps flags can be flown in all weather conditions in long term displays. The header and grommets allow the nylon and polyester Marine Corps flags to be attached to an outdoor flagpole using flag arrangement or flagpole hooks.Nylon Marine Corps flags are ideal in wet weather conditions. Nylon is extremely light and dries faster than any other fabric in the industry. You can rest assured that you will have a free flying flag at all times with one of these flags. Polyester Marine Corps flags are perfect for high wind areas like coastal regions or flag displays in a mountainous region.nbsp; Our 200 denier nylon Marine Corps flags are available in 12rdquo;x18rdquo;, 2r’x3r’, 3r’x5r’, 4r’x6r’ and 5r’x8r’ sizes. The polyester Marine Corps flags are available in a 3r’x5r’ and 4r’x6r’ sizes. For more information about our outdoor Marine Corps flags contact one of our in-house staff members at (800)628-3524.