20 Satin Patio Flagpole


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Why Buy a Patio Flagpole?For versatility and ease of assembly and setup, you just canr’t beat a sectional Patio flagpole. Also known as the Regal Sectional Flagpole, their size makes them a good fit for residential use or for a one-story commercial building, and the design of these sectional residential flagpoles means that freight shipping is not necessary.Carrot-Topr’s Patio Flagpole comes complete with everything you need to fly a flag, including:3rdquo; gold anodized aluminum ball2rdquo; stationary truck for 15-20r’ flagpoles, or 2.5rdquo; stationary truck for 25r’ flagpole40-50r’ of frac14;rdquo; halyard6rdquo; aluminum cleat2rdquo; flash collar for 15-20r’ flagpole, or 2.5rdquo; flash collar for 25r’ modelNylon snaphooksPerfect with Carrot-Topr’s 3r’ x 5r’ nylon Beaconreg; U.S. flag and light commercial solar power light. For commercial use, consider our 20r’ Majestictrade; Commercial Grade Flagpole. Questions? Just give Carrot-Top a call at 800-628-3524 and one of our experienced call center representatives will be happy to answer them for you.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Height nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;# of Pieces nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Weight / LBS nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Pole Diameternbsp; nbsp;nbsp;15’415220’4 (Bronze)nbsp;5 (Satin or White)nbsp;18225’1322.5