20″ X 30″ Skin Diver Flag


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Carrot-Top Industries currently offers Nylon Skin Diver flags in the sizes of 12×18” and 20×30”. Both sizes are finished with a canvas heading and grommets. With the white stripe sewn onto the red background, durability is guaranteed. The nylon we use for the Skin Diver flags is a heavyweight Invista Solarmax nylon sure to withstand most weather conditions that you may encounter while at sea. The use of this flag is required by many states across the United States. The regulation of the Skin Diver flag requires any vessel with a diver to display the flag as well as to stay within a mandated distance when they are near the surface. In some states, there is also a larger area in which no boats are allowed to pass when the Skin Diver flag is displayed. Other states also forbid the display of this flag when there is no diver is present in the water.We also have several different nautical flags and signal flags. We are known for our high quality American, State, International flags. Complete the flag display with our flagpoles and flag pole accessories. For more information, please contact a Carrot-Top team member by calling (800) 628-3524.