3′ X 4′ Air Force Retired Flag


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The Air Force Retired flag feature the three blue and white vertical stripes and a centered crest. nbsp;The crest featured on the flag has the shield and eagle seen on the USAF official flag as well. Beneath the shield is a flowing ribbon which reads ldquo;STILL SERVINGrdquo;. The crest also features 13 yellow stars that encircle the shield. The words ldquo;U.S AIRFORCE RETIREDrdquo; are printed outside the circle of stars in a curved line contouring the stars.Our Air Force retired flags are made of durable high-quality nylon, ideal for use in areas with relatively low wind speeds and wet weather. Nylon flags are light and water resistant allowing them to fly proudly in a light breeze and dry quickly when wet. The flags measure 3r’x4r’.See our official U.S Air Force flags and our other military and memorial products including a host of Veterans products. Carrot-Topr’s range of American flags is unmatched and feature the highest quality fabrics and finishes. Browse through our high end custom products as well. All custom products are digitally printed, silk screened or appliqued to guarantee a high quality image. For further information call us on (800)628-3524.