3′ X 5′ California Flag Set With Jointed Oak-Finish Flagpole


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lt;pgt;Our California Flag sets put you in the driveramp;r’s seat in designing the look you want.amp;nbsp; Carrot Topamp;r’s selection of flags and flagpoles allow you to choose what works best for your home, office, building, church or school.amp;nbsp; California flags are available in two sizes 3amp;r’x5amp;r’ and 4amp;r’x6amp;r’. The 4amp;r’x6amp;r’ California flag pairs well with any of our lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/majestic-telescopic-pole-setsgt;Majestic Telescopic flag poleslt;/agt; in rooms with at least 9.5amp;r’ clearance. For those who prefer a more traditional look our 9amp;r’ lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/jointed-oak-sets-flag-excludedgt;Jointed Oak-finished flagpolelt;/agt; is also available.amp;nbsp; The 3amp;r’x5amp;r’ California flag also pairs well with our Majestic Telescopic flag pole or our 8amp;r’ Jointed Oak-finished pole. These flags require a ceiling clearance of 8.5amp;r’.amp;nbsp; amp;nbsp;amp;nbsp;Majestic Telescopic Flagpoles have the option of Wood-grained, Gold or Chrome finishes. All flag sets contain an ornamental gold or silver- finished spear, gold cord with tassel and a weighted gold base.lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;Carrot Top supplies a wide variety of patriotic products including lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/flags/american/gt;American flagslt;/agt; of all sizes and fabrics. Our Patriarchamp;reg; lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/patriarch-polyester-american-flagsgt;polyester American flaglt;/agt; and our Beaconamp;reg; lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/beacon-nylon-american-flagsgt;nylon American flaglt;/agt; are the most versatile flags available. Carrot Top also provides lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/flags/state-city/citygt;US city flagslt;/agt; from cities like lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/los-angeles-city-flagsgt;Los Angeleslt;/agt; and lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/san-francisco-city-flagsgt;San Franciscolt;/agt; and others. lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/flags/american/minigt;Mini American flagslt;/agt;, lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/mini-california-state-flagsgt;mini California state flagslt;/agt; and lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/american-flag-california-state-flag-pinsgt;American flag and California State flag lapel pinslt;/agt; are also available. Our team of experienced customer service representatives is waiting to assist you. Simply call, (800)628-3524.lt;/pgt;