3′ X 5′ Indoor Army Nat’L Guard Flag (No Fringe)


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The Indoor Army National Guard flag is available featuring a gold rayon fringe that runs around the three outer sides of the flag. The side that remains unfringed is fitted with a lined pole sleeve. The pole sleeve allows the flag to be placed on our indoor flagpoles or parade flagpoles. The 3r’x5r’ flags are ideal for use with our 8r’ jointed oak poles or our adjustable Majestictrade; aluminum telescoping flagpoles.The indoor Army National Guard flag features the iconic Minuteman statue in a graphic format. The Army National Guardr’s seal pays tribute to the first soldiers of the American Revolution. The Minuteman featured in the center of the Army National Guard seal is dressed in civilian clothing and is standing next to a plow but is carrying a musket in the other. The weapon of war in the hands of the otherwise civilian Minuteman is symbolic of the first militia men and their dedication towards a free America. Minutemen were prepared to risk their lives, at a minuter’s notice, for their country.For more information about our indoor Army National Guard flag contact one of our in-house experts on (800)628-3524. For more information about the Minutemen visit National Park Services official page about the Colonial Soldiers.nbsp;