3′ X 5′ Indoor Buddhist Flag


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Indoor Buddhist flags are tailored with superior 200 denier nylon and feature the brightest colors sewn together with intricate, fray resistant stitching. These flags are available in two sizes: 3’x 5’ ad 4’ x 6’, and consist of six vertical bands. Indoor Buddhist flags are finished with a lined pole sleeve and plush, traditional gold fringe along three sides of the flag.  The 3’x5’ Buddhist flag displays best with an 8’ indoor/parade flagpole while the 4’x6’ Buddhist flag pairs best with a 9’ indoor/parade flagpole. Both flags are a perfect match for either Carrot-Top’s exclusive Majestic ® Telescopic Pole or the Jointed Oak finished flagpole.  Majestic Poles adjust from 5-9’ and are easy to transport and assemble. Our Jointed Oak finished pole is available both 8’ and 9’ height options and has brass features.Carrot-Top offers a broad range of item suited for onetime events, ongoing presentations and permanent displays.   Our flags, custom products and patriotic items include numerous items perfect for any event.  Shop our collection of flags which includes American flags, US State and City flags and more. Our American flags are some of the finest flags available and include our Patriarch® Polyester American flag and our Beacon® Nylon American flag. View more of superior religious flags  which include Outdoor Buddhist Flags and Buddhist Flag Sets. For greater details about our Indoor Buddhist Flags or for assistance placing an order call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our experienced customer service representatives.