3′ X 5′ Newfoundland Flag


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The Newfoundland and Labrador Flag is composed of a white background with t blue, red and yellow colors. Blue signifies the seas and is designed to simulate the Union Jack. White symbolizes the massive amount of snow in the province while red and yellow denote the struggle and effort of the citizens of Newfoundland for success and the confidence of the Canadian people.  The triangles in red symbolize the mainland and the islands of the province. The golden arrow points the province and nation’s bright future. The Newfoundland flag was adopted and first hoisted in 1980.Our Newfoundland flags are tailored to meet Carrot-Top’s superior standards. These provincial flagsare fitted with strong canvas headers and finished with solid brass grommets. Both sizes of this flag make for dynamic displays in any location. The 3’x 6’ flag may be flown with the Canadian flag while the 3’ x 5’ Newfoundland flags are fashioned to meet industry display standards.  These flags are best displayed and flown in areas with light to moderate winds.Carrot-Top gladly supplies flags for all 13 of Canada’s provinces and territories. We also offer a variety of Canada’s Maple Leaf flag in several sizes and styles.  Shop our entire selection of International flags for banners of nations from almost every corner of the planet. Our assortment of American flags is one of the finest collections of flags found anywhere. For more information about our products and services contact our customer care center at (800)628-3524. Our customer service representatives will assist you.