30’ White Fiberglass Flagpole With Hinge Base


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Why Buy a 30’ Hinged Base Fiberglass Flagpole?If you’re looking for a flagpole for schools, businesses, neighborhoods or public areas, this Hinged Base Fiberglass flagpole is a perfect choice for years of outdoor use. Unlike aluminum poles, fiberglass flagpoles will never corrode, making them a good pick for coastal areas where metallic poles could be prone to corrosion. Fiberglass is also non-conductive, meaning it will never attract lightning in a storm.This weatherproof flagpole is a good size for a 5’ x 8’ flag; if you choose to fly two flags, it’s advised to use a 4’ x 6’ flag and a 3’ x 5’ flag (two extra snaphooks will be needed). This flagpole comes with all you need for easy installation, including a hinge base, flash collar, hardware, cleat, 60’ of ¼” lanyard to raise and lower the flag and a snaphook. Custom colors are also available.The 5’ x 8’ polyester Patriarch® US flag or 5’ x 8’ nylon Beacon® US flag are both good choices with this flagpole. You can also display your flag proudly around the clock with our commercial above-ground lights! Questions? Give us a call at (800) 628-3524 and talk to one of our customer service representatives. Be sure to remove your flagpole from the corrugated packaging. Do not store your flagpole while it is in the packaging as this will permanently stain your flagpole if it becomes wet. Check out these guides more details on Delivery and Installation or Repair and Maintenance.