35′ Satin Majestic Architectural Grade Flagpole – One Piece


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lt;pgt;lt;span style=font-size: large;gt;lt;bgt;Why Buy a Majestic™ Architectural Grade Flagpole?lt;/bgt;lt;/spangt;lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;The Majestic™ Architectural Grade Flagpole is a top choice for school flagpoles, business flagpoles,and other settings where appearance and presentation are important. Among architectural series flagpoles, the Majestic™ is one of the sturdiest; the Black, Bronze and Clear Anodized models feature a finish that is electrically bonded to the surface of the aluminum via an electrical/chemical process.lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;Anodized aluminum has an enhanced resistance to corrosion that can occur from air pollution or slight humidity. While aluminum doesn’t rust the way that steel does, it can still show pitting and whitish deposits from oxidation and corrosion. Any flag you fly on an anodized flagpole will last longer since the special flagpole finish will prevent the flag from being stained or damaged by snags on a rough, corroded flagpole surface.lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;Majestic™ Architectural Series Flagpoles feature a wall thickness of 0.188”, except for the 60’ and 70’ heights, which have a wall thickness of 0.250”, for structural rigidity in high winds. In many locations, insurance requirements are a consideration when selecting a flagpole for its resistance to high winds.lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;The 30’ and 35’ flagpoles are available in one- or two-piece designs; real-world experience shows there’s little difference in the strength and rigidity of one-piece and two-piece flagpoles. Please note that one-piece 30’ and 35’ Majestic™ Architectural Series flagpoles will require extra shipping costs.nbsp;lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;Your architectural flagpole will be shipped with the following accessories, free of charge. All are available separately as well, should you need replacement parts:lt;/pgt;lt;ulgt;lt;ligt;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/aluminum-ball-flagpole-ornamentgt;Gold Ball Ornament Toplt;/agt;lt;/ligt;lt;ligt;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-trucks-1-25-thread-revolvinggt;Flagpole Trucklt;/agt;lt;/ligt;lt;ligt;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/halyard-rope-flagpole-ropegt;Halyardlt;/agt; (Rope)lt;/ligt;lt;ligt;Two lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/brass-flag-snap-hooksgt;snaphookslt;/agt; for attaching flaglt;/ligt;lt;ligt;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-trucks-1-25-thread-revolvinggt;lt;/agt;nbsp;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/cleat-9-aluminum-carrot-topgt;Satin-finished Aluminum Cleatlt;/agt;lt;/ligt;lt;ligt;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-flash-collarsgt;Flash Collarlt;/agt;lt;/ligt;lt;ligt;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-flash-collarsgt;lt;/agt;PVC Pipe Foundation Sleeve (5” or Smaller Butt Diameter) or Corrugated Steel Sleevelt;/ligt;lt;/ulgt;lt;pgt;Depending on the flagpole finish selected, the truck, halyard and cleat will come with a matching finish.lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;lt;stronggt;Be sure to remove your flagpole from the corrugated packaging. Do not store your flagpole while it is in the packaging as this will permanently stain your flagpole if it becomes wet. Check out these guides for more details on lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/flagpole-delivery-installgt;Delivery and Installationlt;/agt; or lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/flagpole-repair-and-maintenancegt;Repair and Maintenancelt;/agt;.nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt;lt;table class=table border=1gt;lt;tbodygt;lt;trgt;lt;tdgt;lt;pgt;lt;stronggt;nbsp; Height nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt;lt;/tdgt;lt;tdgt;lt;pgt;lt;stronggt;nbsp; # of Pieces nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt;lt;/tdgt;lt;tdgt;lt;pgt;lt;stronggt;nbsp; Weight / LBS nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt;lt;/tdgt;lt;tdgt;lt;pgt;lt;stronggt;nbsp; Unflag Max Wind Speed nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt;lt;/tdgt;lt;tdgt;lt;pgt;lt;stronggt;nbsp; Butt/Top Diameter nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt;lt;/tdgt;lt;tdgt;lt;pgt;lt;stronggt;nbsp; Wall Thickness nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt;lt;/tdgt;lt;/trgt;lt;trgt;