3X5′ Cherry Flag Case With Certificate Or Medal Display


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Our 3x5r’ Cherry Flag Case with Certificate or Medal Display is made of solid wood with a vibrant Cherry finish. Measuring 17rdquo; in length, 20rdquo; in height and 3frac14;rdquo; in depth, this flag case will take up minimal space while still affording you the option of a tabletop or bookcase display. Designed for use with a 3x5r’ Nylon United States flags, this durable case is the perfect, long-lasting way to showcase your fallen soldierr’s flag and military decoration. This flag case can be used to honor all United States Veterans as this item is not branch specific. If you are looking for a flag case without the display area, please browse our more traditional Flag Cases. In addition to flag cases, Carrot-Top Industries also offers a wide range of Patriotic Gifts which are guaranteed to appeal to the United States aficionado in your life. Also available are our United States and State flags. Carrot-Top Industries also offers Military products, including grave markers and insignias, for the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard amp; Merchant Marine branches. Our Support Our Troops flags are also a great way to show your support across all United States Military branches. For more information or questions, please contact a knowledgeable member of our Customer Service Team by calling (800) 628-3524.