3X6′ Cotton Stripes And Bars Fan


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lt;pgt;The patriotic bunting fans with stars are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Our nylon bunting fans are durable and water-resistant making them ideal for long term outdoor use regardless of weather conditions. The cotton bunting fans can be used outdoors in short-term displays and dry weather. Colors may bleed when wet. The cotton bunting fans do feature flowing, perfect pleats and have a traditional look and feel to them. Both types of bunting fans are fitted with a header and grommets for attachment. The bunting fans can be held upright using flag hook and halyard.lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;The bunting flags are available in several different sizes. The nylon and cotton bunting flags are available in a 4′ x 8’ and 3’x 6’ size. Both fans are also available as a two-piece set with each fan measuring 3’x3′.lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;Carrot-Top prides itself on being your one-stop shop for patriotic products. See our wide range ofnbsp;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/flags/americangt;American Flagsnbsp;lt;/agt;and our lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/flags/state-citygt;U.S. State Flagsnbsp;lt;/agt;to celebrate your state pride. We also offernbsp;lt;a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/patriotic-stars-stripes-pop-up-tentgt;Patriotic Tentslt;/agt;nbsp;andnbsp;lt;a href=street-banners/patriotic-military-bannersgt;Street Bannerslt;/agt;nbsp;for special events and patriotic parades. For more information about our bunting fan or any of the other products call us at 800-628-3524.lt;/pgt;