4′ X 6′ Outdoor Polyester Florida Flags


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Outdoor Florida flags are available in Patriarch® polyester and Beacon® nylon. Both brands are Carrot Top exclusive fabrics. The Beacon® nylon Outdoor Florida flag is one of the best all weather flags available. This flag features extra tough, durable nylon that is light enough to fly effortlessly in the slightest breeze.  Beacon® nylon flags are suited best for regions with milder climates and less severe winds. Size options available include: 12” x18”, 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, 6’x10’ and 8’x12. The Patriarch® polyester flag is the best all-around flag available. This flag features tough spun 2-ply polyester that has the texture and feel of cotton. Patriarch® polyester flags are built for extreme climate areas with more severe winds. These flags are available in sizes 3’x5’, 4’x6’ and 5’x 8.  Both flags create a beautiful display with our exclusive Majestic Telescopic Flagpole. Made in U.S.A.All flags are digitally printed with a single reverse finish. Carrot Top is your one stop for patriot products, flags and custom items. Our American flags are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Patriarch® polyester American flag and our Beacon® nylon American flag are two of the finest flags available. Consider pairing your Outdoor Florida flag with one of our US City flags like Jacksonville or St. Petersburg. Root for the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with one of our NFL team flags. Our customer service representatives are eager to assist you. Simply call (800) 628-3524.