40′ Black Anodized Extreme Flagpole


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Why Buy a Majestictrade; Extreme Flagpole? Some areas, such as coastal plains, mountains and high plains, regularly see high wind velocities; in these areas, a flagpole has to be specially-designed to withstand these wind speeds. In many cases, insurance requirements even mandate a strong, wind-resistant flagpole.Designed for years of service in the most unforgiving weather conditions, the Majestictrade;nbsp;Extreme Flagpole is a great choice for areas that regularly experience high wind velocities. The Extreme Flagpoler’s .250rdquo; thick wall and anodized finishes add up to one of the most robust flagpoles in the Carrot-Top line.While aluminum doesnr’t rust like steel does, it can still corrode and show pitting along the surface. The Clear, Bronze, and Black finishes for the Majestictrade; Extreme Flagpole are anodized, whichnbsp;is a chemical/electrical process that adheres the finish to the surface of the metal at the molecular level, for a finish thatr’s even tougher than enamel. It keeps the Majestictrade;nbsp;Extreme Flagpole looking better longer and enhances resistance to corrosion.All flagpoles from Carrot-Top are backed by a lifetime warranty on the flagpoler’s shaft.Every Majestictrade;nbsp;Extreme Flagpole purchase includes the following Heavy Duty components:Gold Ball Ornament TopFlagpole TruckHalyard (Rope)2 stainless steel Snaphooks for attaching flagWhite Halyard(Rope)Aluminum CleatFlash CollarCorrugated Steel SleeveDepending on the flagpole finish selected, the truck, halyard and cleat will come with a matching finish.nbsp;Extreme Flagpole Specifications:Height# ofnbsp;PiecesWeight/LBSUnflag MaxWind SpeedButt/TopDiameterWallThickness25’1150nbsp;2826/3.5nbsp;0.250nbsp;30’nbsp;1170nbsp;2346/3.5nbsp;0.250nbsp;35’nbsp;2240nbsp;246nbsp;8/3.5nbsp;0.250nbsp;40’nbsp;2nbsp;280nbsp;217nbsp;8/3.5nbsp;0.250*PLEASE NOTE: THESE FLAGPOLES ARE SHIPPED BY MOTOR FREIGHT: SHIPPING TIMES MAY VARY. PLEASE CALL 800-628-3524 FOR MORE CURRENT AND ACCURATE SHIPPING INFORMATION*Be sure to remove your flagpole from the corrugated packaging. Do not store your flagpole while it is in the packaging as this will permanently stain your flagpole if it becomes wet. Check out these guides more details on Delivery and Installation or Repair and Maintenance.nbsp;