4X6′ Nylon Maryland Indoor Flag – NO FRINGE


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nbsp;Indoor Maryland flags create classic indoor displays of your Maryland state flag. Carrot Top takes great pride in providing the highest quality products with exquisite craftsmanship. Indoor Maryland flags are fashioned with a lined pole sleeve along the left side and traditional gold fringe around the three remaining sides. Two size options are available so that you may select the best flag for your flagpole and location. The 3r’ x 5r’ Maryland flag is most suited for display with an 8r’ indoor or parade flagpole while the 4r’x 6r’ Maryland flag pairs best with a 9r’ indoor or parade flag pole. Both flags perfectly match and brilliantly display with our adjustable and exclusive 5-9r’ Majestic Telescopic Pole.Carrot Top goes out of its way to provide excellent customer service and superior products. Our American flags are some of the finest flags obtainable and may be purchased in several sizes and fabrics. The Patriarchreg; Polyester American flag is made with thick woven polyester with the texture of cotton and the best all-around flags. The Beaconreg; Nylon American flag is designed with strong, durable nylon that is so lightweight it waves beautifully in the slightest breeze. Carrot Top also supplies Baltimore City flags and flags of US Cities. Contact any member of our customer service team at (800) 628-3524 for answers to your questions, more information or to purchase an item.