7″ Brass Army Spear


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Army spears are often used on Military guidons for ceremonial and parade events. They are also great for indoor flag displays especially in military settings. Our Army spear ornaments are designed to fit all of our indoor and parade flagpoles.The Army Spears are made of 100% solid brass with no plating or painting, the spears are polished to have a shiny sleek look. The chrome finished ornaments are made of a zinc aluminum alloy with a chrome coating on the outside that gives it the same polished look as the brass Army spear. Aluminum alloys do not rust or weaken over time and are perfect for long term indoor use.Our chrome and brass Army spears are available in both the 7” and 8.25” sizes. All Army spear attachments feature a ring for attaching an indoor flag. Complete the set with one of our indoor flag stands and cord and tassel sets for your unique indoor flag display set.Browse through our entire collection of indoor flag pole accessories including a large selection of indoor flag pole ornaments. In addition to indoor accessories, we house a large collection of outdoor flag poles and outdoor flag pole accessories fit for any flag display. See our impressive collection of American flags, custom products and military products. Call us on (800)628-3524 for more information.