8″ X 12″ LED Mounted U.S. Flag


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Why Buy a LED Mounted U.S. Flag from Carrot-Top Industries?Our 8” x 12” LED Mounted U.S. flag is commonly used for parades or special events. The 14” white plastic flag staff lights up and makes a colorful display while proudly displaying the U.S. flag. The light up American flag is popular at nighttime, 4th of July or Memorial Day parades, and at firework displays. The American flag with handle lights is usually purchased by consumers, towns, small businesses, and sports teams.The 70-denier nylon light up American flag, attached to a 14” white plastic staff which includes a 4.5” white handle with a black button to change lighting patterns in the flag staff. The American flag with handle lights is lightweight and small enough to be hand-held. It is safe to use indoors or outdoors. The flag staff lights up using red, blue, and green lights in three different lighting patterns (fast, medium, slow), making a colorful display while proudly presenting the U.S. flag.The LED Mounted U.S. flag uses a battery. We do not sell a replacement battery, but customers may be able to replace it. There is a screw hole on the flag handle so you can access the battery. The light up American flag should not be used around water. The flag is closed on the top with single stitching around the pole and no fray on the end. Questions? Let Us Help!We offer many other products that would be a big hit at parades and special events such as our 8” Stars amp; Stripes Mylar Pinwheels (AR690PIN), 4” x 6” 4th of July Mini Muslin U.S. Flags (AB204FOJ), 3’ x 6’ Cotton and Nylon Bunting Fans (AK6103X6), and U.S. Flag Lapel Pins (AZ001). We offer fast shipping on all in-stock products. Have a question or need help ordering something? Our customer service representatives are waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-628-3524 today.