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Why Buy an Open Swooper Flag Kit? In a competitive business world, it can be hard to get noticed and let drivers and passersby know that your doors are open. The Open Swooper Flag Kit can help you get that message across.At 15r’ tall, itr’s taller than most other advertising flags ndash; tall enough that your’ll need to be mindful of trees or other overhead obstacles. With a lively red or vibrant blue background and white letters, this advertising flag will be hard to miss, especially when itr’s placed close to a road or the edge of your parking lot.Included is a heavy-duty, pointed 25rdquo; long steel spike that can be inserted firmly into grass or dirt (not hard surfaces), with a steel sleeve into which the flagpole is seated.The Swooper flagpole kit includes four 47rdquo; long sections, each tapering toward the top:Bottom section is 1 1/8rdquo; in diameterSecond section is 1rdquo; in diameterThird section is 7/8rdquo; in diameterTop section is arched to hold the Swooper Flag in its unique shape and is frac34;rdquo; in diameter.Sections join snugly with each other, with the top section designed to easily swing and move around to follow wind direction. Please note this is a design feature and not a defect.The Swooper Flag itself is digitally printed on nylon fabric, measuring 11.5r’ x 2r’. There are two rows of stitching on all sides, with a nylon rope at the bottom end for attachment to the flagpole and a heavy-duty rip-proof flagpole sleeve.Its digitally-printed single-reverse design will display correctly on side and reversed on the other. Digital printing offers 95 percent penetration through to the flagr’s reverse side.Please note: The Open Swooper Flag Kit may take 5-7 business days for shipping.Need more information? Just pick up the phone and call Carrot-Top at 800-628-3524 and one of our trained, experienced customer care professionals will be happy to answer your questions.