Brigadier™ Army Indoor Flag Set


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lt;pgt;The Brigadieramp;trade; Army flag set includes a lt;a href=;3x5amp;r’ Army indoor flaglt;/agt;, 8amp;r’ lt;a href=;brass jointed oak polelt;/agt;, a 14lbs gold-finished flag pole stand, a 7amp;rdquo; brass Army spear flag pole topper and a lt;a href=;cord and tassel setlt;/agt;.amp;nbsp;The jointed oak pole is a classic indoor pole. The flag pole can be disassembled for easy transport and features a handsome brass polished joint. The cord and tassel set included with the kit is made of golden rayon to complement the gold-fringed indoor Army;/pgt;lt;pgt;The Army indoor flag sets can also be used for parades and honor guards. The Endura stand provided with the flag set is removable. The flagpole and indoor flag can be used in parade functions with a lt;a href=;carrying beltlt;/agt;. We also offer a variety of other lt;a href=;parade accessorieslt;/agt;.amp;nbsp;lt;/pgt;lt;pgt;Carrot-Top is a one-stop shop for your lt;a href=;Army Flagslt;/agt;. Our range includes lt;a href=;outdoor Army flags in nylon and polyesterlt;/agt;, lt;a href=;mini Army flagslt;/agt; and lt;a href=;Army Officer Flagslt;/agt;. In additions to lt;a href=;military branch flagslt;/agt; we also offer lt;a href=;Veterans flagslt;/agt;, lt;a href=;flags to honor soldierslt;/agt; and lt;a href=;Army grave markerslt;/agt; for Veterans and soldier killed in the line of duty.amp;nbsp; To get more information about the Army indoor flag set or products seen on the website, call us on;/pgt;