Ceremonial Oak Pole, 30″ Crossbar


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The ceremonial Oak pole banner, also known as the gonfalon (gonfalon is descriptive of the cut of the material, with ldquo;falonsrdquo; typically used; therefore, not all ceremonial flags are gonfalons) or graduation banner is widely used in special events and ceremonies. The origins of the gonfalon date back centuries, these pointed banners were used to display a Coat of arms or a Kingr’s insignia.The ceremonial set includes an 8′ oak pole with brass joints to which a 1rdquo; diameter oak crossbar is attached; the crossbar comes complete with ornamental polished gold acorns. The oak pole is paired with a 15lbs weighted-base to hold the flagpole upright. The set also includes a 3 gold aluminum ball ornament, 9′ cord with 5 tassels and a brass hook and eye. Choose between four different lengths for your crossbar which will accommodate a specific banner width from 18 up to 42 wide.Banners are not included with the set. Carrot-Top offers custom made banners to fit your Ceremonial Pole Set. Buy the set to honor your high school, college, university, business or military organization with a custom made digital nylon or appliqued nylon banner to complete the look!nbsp;*Ceremonial oak pole sets are recommended for use in long term indoor displays but not intended for outdoor use.*