Double-Sided – Department Of Veterans Affairs Embroidered Indoor Flag


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The Department of Veterans Affairs flag showcases the VA seal with pride. The official seal featured on the VA flag dates back to 1989. This was the year in which the Veterans Administration, an independent Federal Government agency became a cabinet member agency and was renamed Department of Veterans Affairs.nbsp; The seal was the result of a competition held amongst VA employees to design the new seal. The winning design was produced by a medical media production specialist named David Gregory, an employee at the Indianapolis VA Medical Center.The seal on the VA flag features an eagle in flight with its wings spread. In its talons, the eagle holds two flags, the Betsy Ross American flag and the American flag, and a gold cord. The two flags are a representation of the journey American has been through, starting with 13 colonies and now at 50 states. The gold cord in the eagler’s talon represent soldier who have died while in service. Above the eagle are five gold stars placed in a circle. These stars represent the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.Both indoor and outdoor VA flags are available in the commonly used 3r’x5r’ size. The VA recommends the following accessories when displaying an indoor flag: (the links directly below will allow you to purchase individual replacement accessories for your display)7r’,8r’ or 9r’ oak poles8lbs gold Liberty flagpole base7rdquo; Army spear topper7rdquo; Gold eagle topper (for the American flag)Gold cord and tassel setFlag spreaderAll of these items are also included in our Oak Flagpole Sets. For more information about our VA flags or any other product contact us on (800)628-3524.nbsp;*INTENDED FOR PURCHASE BY FEDERAL AND STATE AGENCIES ONLY.