Extra-Large Grand Opening Banner


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The extra-large grand opening banners are ideal for use across a street or across the face of your building or store front. These banners are designed with double stitching to resist fraying and degradation. The banners also have a thirty foot long rope sewn on to the top and bottom of it. Five feet of the rope extends from each corner of the banner to allow for attachment. These banners can be easily tied to two lampposts or any two anchor points for a full-fledged upright display.The extra-large grand opening banners are not recommended for use in wet weather as the colors printed on the banner may start to run. In dry conditions the banner can be safely displayed outdoors for up to three months in mild conditions.See our full range of advertising products perfect for attracting the attention of people passing by. These items include message flags, blade flags and feather or flutter flags. We also have a large collection of street banners, a great way to dress up any location. Our street banners, banners, flags and many other products can be fully customized. See all our custom products to find a product that best suits your needs. Browse through our expansive collection of American flags as well. For more about our products contact us on (800)628-3524.