Flagpole Ball Light (Silver)


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4” Flagpole Ball Lights feature hybrid technology that allows the use of an included electrical adapter or optional solar panel for power. The optional solar panel allow off grid use or may be used with the included power adapter. Flagpole Ball lights measure 4” and come with power cord and is easily installed to the power adapter. This amazing flagpole light uses a supplied 5V low voltage power supply.  Suggested installations tips include drilling a hole 12- 24 above ground to feed cord through your flagpole and then attaching to an outdoor power supply.  The Ball Light is available in either Gold or Silver. This decorative ball is the perfect flagpole part to enhance and spotlight your flag display day and night.Carrot-Top features a broad array of products which range from special event, patriotic and custom-made items. Our flags include the Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester American flags.  Shop our indoor flag accessories and our outdoor flagpole parts for items that will enhance your display and prolong the life of your flag and flagpole. These lights pair perfectly with our Telescoping Adjustable Flagpole , Dealmaker Flagpole and the Fine-Line Fiberglass Flagpole. Carrot-Top offers a complete line of commercial poles and home flagpoles as well as a broad assortment of parade and indoor flagpoles. For more information about any of Carrot-Top’s product and serviced Call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our customer service representatives.