Flagpole Set – 20’ Anthem W/ Flag And Light


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Decorate the landscape of your home or residence with this 20’ Flagpole, 3’x5’ Nylon US flag and Solar powered flagpole light. Our 20’ Anthem with flag and light set are suited for low wind areas and not recommended for coastal or gusty wind locations. These sets showcase an illuminated US Flag and add a decorative touch to any lawn or grass space. The Solar Powered Discs collect light by day and shine onto the flag at night. These Flag Sets are easy to install and are sure to enhance the beauty of any yard, neighborhood, office park or church.Carrot-Top offers a broad range of patriotic items, business products and flags. Our extensive assortment of flags includes Flags form around the World, American flags, US State and City Flags and more. Our Beacon® Nylon American Flag and Patriarch Polyester® American flag are two of the finest flags obtainable anywhere. Both of these exclusive Carrot-Top items are noted for their superior craftsmanship, strength and durability. For greater details regarding any Carrot-Top items or the services we provide call (800) 628-3524. Our customer service and product experts are will assist you.