Grand Opening Blue Message Banners


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The blue 3r’x5r’ message flags are available in multiple designs and messages. Select you message and your’re ready to go. Message banners are a great way to draw a crowd and to attract people passing by converting them in to potential customers. These banners use primary colors to enhance the attention grabbing effect of the banner to catch your eye with one glance.nbsp;The 3r’x5r’ message flags are built using weatherized canvas fabric to allow for outdoor and indoor use. Used in moderate conditions these banners are known to last up to three months in full time displays. The banners com with a rope sewn to each side of the banner widthwise. The ropes extend 5r’ outward from each corner of the flag for simple assembly. They are also finished with locking double stitches for added durability.See the full collection of our advertising banners and our message flags as well. All our advertising flags are perfect ways to attract attention to your business. Advertising flags include blade flags, solid colored flags and many more. See our street banners and custom products as well. Custom products are printed using high quality digital printers for sharp and photo quality graphics. Also browse through our unmatched collection of American flags. These flags include our exclusive Beaconreg; nylon American flag and Patriarchreg; polyester American flag, heavy-duty outdoor flags known to exceed the industry standard for life time. Contact us for more information about our products or any other concerns. Call (800)628-3524 and speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives or see our FAQs page.nbsp;