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Why Buy a Home Flag Kit?For situations where you need flag hanging hardware for your 3r’ x 5r’ nylon U.S., state or custom flag, the Home Flag Kit is the perfect solution. It comes with a 6r’ two-piece aluminum flagpole, 45-degree angle bracket and all the flag accessories you need for easy setup and display; within minutes, you can proudly fly your flag from your porch or home!Carrot-Topr’s Home Flag Kit includes a 6r’two-piece aluminum flagpole (3/4rdquo; diameter), 5rdquo; gold plastic eagle, frac34;rdquo; 45-degree angle bracket, two plastic flag collars and screws for ease of mounting the bracket.Got questions? Just give Carrot-Top a call at 800-628-5324 and one of our experienced customer service agents will be happy to answer them for you.nbsp;