Honor & Remember Flag (4 X 6)


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Honor and remember flags are extremely symbolic with each component of the flag having a significant unique meaning. nbsp;nbsp;The Red color on the flag represents the blood shed by U.S military men and women throughout its history.nbsp;The blue star represents the generations of soldiers since the American Revolution.nbsp;nbsp;The White border symbolizes purity. The sacrifice of oner’s life is seen as the purest and the greatest commitment an American can pay to their country.nbsp;The Gold Star is another symbol of the sacrifice a soldier makes. The color gold symbolizes the invaluable worth of each soldierr’s life.nbsp;nbsp;The Folded Flag beneath the star assembly signifies the final tribute to each lost life.nbsp;nbsp;The Flame is an image of the undying spirit of each soldierr’s life. The flame is the eternal impact each soldier makes on the people around him and represents all the memories held near and dear by loved ones.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;See our full range of memorial and military products to support the U.S Armed forces or pick out an American flag to show your National pride. Our Beaconreg; and Patriarchreg; American flags are of the highest quality and sure to last longer than the industry standard. For more information contact our customer service representatives on (800)628-3524.nbsp;