Navy Aircrew Wings


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The Navy Aircrew wings pin is designed after the Navy Aviation Observer pin. The design features two outstretched wings with a circle in the center. Inside the circle is the image of an anchor with the letters ldquo;Ardquo; and ldquo;Crdquo; on either side of it. Soldier have to undergo a barrage of training courses to earn the coveted title of Navy Aircrew, training includes weapons management, electronic warfare and water survival. The pin is earned after training and completion of Personal Qualification Standards or PQS. Our Navy Aircrew wings are elegant and ideal for any function or event. Proudly honor or represent the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard Air Crewman with this pin.Our collection of Military lapel pins includes pins to represent and honor all military departments. See our vast range of military patches as well, ideal for attaching to any fabric. Carrot-Top proudly offers a broad selection of military products including military flags, POW MIA flags, yellow ribbon products, custom welcome banners and Veterans products. For more information about our products contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524.