Never-Furler, 1″ Pole


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Never-furlersnbsp;are a great way to have a full-fledged flag display in windy conditions. If annbsp;unfurlernbsp;is not used with poles like our wood outrigger pole, the flag may wrap itself around the pole in high winds.nbsp;With poles like these the flag, is attached at one stationary position and when displayed at a 45deg;nbsp;angle a strong wind might cause it to do a full circle around the flagpole. The Never-furlernbsp;allows the flag to rotate around the flag and prevents it from wrapping around. nbsp;The Never-furlernbsp;rings are compatible with all flag sizesnbsp;for use on the wooden outrigger polesnbsp;regardless of changes in wind direction and speeds. They help make for a great looking flag display at all times and under any conditions while extending your flagr’s life. The Never-furlersnbsp;also come with a stopper ring that fits around your pole snugly and prevents thenbsp;unfurlernbsp;from moving down the flagpole so you can still fly your flag at your desired height. nbsp;For more information about ournbsp;Never-furlersnbsp;or questions regarding installation, contact one of our flag experts at (800)628-3524.