Outdoor 3′ X 5′ Fire Dept “Loyal To Our Duty” Flag


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The loyal to our duty flag features a scarlet red background, the iconic color representing fire departments nationally. In the center of the red background is a yellow logo and banner. The yellow logo is made up of a fire fighterr’s helmet, ladders, a pick axe, axe, pike, trumpet and a lantern. All of these items are implements of the fir fighting trade and the logo acts as an appropriate representation for our brave firemen. The banner or ribbon below it read ldquo;LOYAL TO OUR DUTYrdquo; a tribute to a firefighterr’s resolve and dedication.The loyal to our duty flags are constructed using durable 200 denier nylon, perfect for outdoor displays in areas with moderate wind speeds. These flags are tailor made for wet weather use, they do not absorb water so dry easily and are also fade-resistant. The flag has single reverse print (reads correctly on one side) with a canvas heading and brass grommets for easy attachment.See the full range of our civil service flags to find one that fits your needs perfectly. For more fire department products see our collection grave markers, we have fire department grave markers in aluminum, bronze and plastic. We also carry fire department lapel pins, parade axes, ceremonial pike poles and patches. In addition to these products we also carry many different military and memorial products that are a great way to show your respect and gratitude for US military departments. Pair a civil service or military flag with one of our Indoor or Outdoor American flags for a great display of patriotic pride. For more about our products contact us on (800)628-3524.nbsp;