U.S Navy Seabee Flag


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The Navy Seabee flag proudly features the official insignia of the Seabeer’s on a blue background. The fighting bee of the Seabees was selected to represent the Naval Construction Battalion because of its industrious work ethic. The Seabees were not only skilled at construction they were also trained to defend themselves when attacked. The bee when undisturbed tends to its own business but when threatened it will sting. Lafrate also gave the fighting bee a sailorr’s cap, tools for each hand to show the Seabeer’s construction abilities and a tommy gun to represent the battalionr’s ability to attack when necessary.Our Navy Seabee flags measure 3r’x5r’ and are made of Endura polyester, but are best for short term displays. The flag is finished with a header and grommets that allows the flag to be attached to an outdoor flagpole with flagpole hooks. For more information about the Seabee flag or any of our products contact one of our in-house experts on (800)628-3524.All information about the Navy Seabee Flag was sourced from the website for the Seabee museum and memorial park.nbsp;