Wire Core Halyard Rope, Black, 3/8″


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The wire-core flagpole rope can protect your flag from both the elements and from thieves or vandals. The wire-core is made of solid aircraft cable which is tough to sever preventing the flag display from being tampered with and the rope from being cut easily. The tensile strength of the wire-core flagpole halyard is about 2100 lbs. The wire-core halyards are available with a diameter of 1/4rdquo;, 5/16rdquo; and 3/8rdquo; and these ropes can be used on any external halyard flagpole. See the QA section below to learn more about our wire core flagpole rope and for more details about halyard upkeep and usage.When should a flagpole halyard or flagpole rope be replaced?Flagpole ropes are mostly replaced at least once a year. They must be checked every time a flag is changed and if signs of fraying are present on the wire core flagpole rope it must be switched out.Which type or flagpole rope should be used in conditions?Wire-Core halyard is primarily used on flagpoles for added anti-theft protection. Featuring polyester braiding wrapped around a wire core, this rope will require bolt cutters to sever. Though a bit stiff and resistant to movement, we recommend wire core halyard on isolated flagpoles where theft may be a concern. For added security, we also suggest a cleat cover box and channelnbsp;to limit access from ground level. We also supply standard polyester flagpole ropenbsp;which are the mostly commonly used outdoor flagpole ropes.How thick should the flagpole rope be?On average, flagpoles with a diameter measuring between 2rdquo;-4rdquo; need frac14;rdquo; halyard, a flagpole measuring 5rdquo;-9rdquo; in diameter needs 5/16rdquo; halyard, and larger flagpoles require a 3/8rdquo; rope. The thickness of the flagpole rope is dictated by the base diameter of the flagpole the rope is being attached to. Dividing the base of the flagpole by 3.14 yields an approximate thickness ideal for use with the flagpole.How long should the flagpole rope be?The flagpole rope must be twice the height of the flagpole being used. This allows for a freely hanging flag and the rope is long enough to be easily fastened on a cleat. To select a length of rope enter the length of the rope in the quantity field, i.e. for a 20r’ rope enter the number 20 in the quantity field.**All halyard ropes are custom cut to length per order. This item is non-returnable.**How do you change a flagpole rope while it is still attached to the flagpole?Simply cut the existing rope on the flagpole and tape the end of the new rope to the old rope. Make sure to attach both ropes flush against each other so they look like theyr’re part of one rope and they do not overlap. Pull the old rope so it pulls the connected new rope through the flag pole pulley and while gently pulling the old rope off you can install the new flagpole rope with ease. If your rope has already broken, you may need to contact a local company with a bucket truck to replace it.Call us and find out about our bulk 500r’ spool of flagpole rope available for sale. See all of our outdoor flagpole accessories to complete your entire flag display. The accessories are made of high quality materials and includes everything from a flagpole base cover to flagpole trucks and flag pole rope hooks. We also provide a large range of outdoor flags that can be easily used with one of our flagpoles. Our range of outdoor flags is unmatched and some of the largest collections are housed in the American flags section, Military and memorial flags section as well as our high quality custom flags category. For more about our products contact an in-house product expert on (800)628-3524.