Wood-Grained Telescoping Flagpole


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The Majestic ™ Telescopic flagpoles are an exclusive product offered by Carrot-Top Industries. These poles are perfect for indoor flagpole displays in any settings and even for use in parades and other ceremonial events. The unique adjustable flagpole is designed in 3-sections that collapse into each other. When fully extended the collapsible flagpole stretches to an impressive 9’.Majestic™ adjustable flagpoles are made of aluminum, which do not rust under any conditions. The aluminum poles undergo a powder-coating process to produce either a wood-grained, gold or chrome finish. Pick the perfect color that complements your indoor space or parade decorations!All poles have a base diameter of 1¼” and a unique pole top measuring “which allows for flagpole ornaments to fit directly onto the flagpole, without the use of an adapter. The top section comes with three pre-drilled holes, designed to fit all indoor pole hemmed flags measuring 3×5’ or 4×6’. The telescopic flagpoles are not recommended to be used with flags of other sizes.The Majestic™ flagpole is intended for use indoors but can be used in short term outdoor events such as parades. When being used in parades the flagpole ornament should be fastened using a ½” wood screw.  The wood screw is not necessary for stationary indoor displays.